Wild Buffalo 5600W Fast Speed Electric Skateboard - Unleash Your Passion with Professional Style

Wild Buffalo 5600W Fast Speed Electric Skateboard - Unleash Your Passion with Professional Style

Experience the thrill of speed and the freedom of the open road with the Wild Buffalo 5600W Fast Speed Electric Skateboard. Powered by a robust 2800W*2 high torque BLDC motor, this cutting-edge skateboard redefines urban mobility by achieving breathtaking speeds up to 31 MPH and effortlessly conquering inclines up to 46%. It's more than just a ride; it's a statement of professional style and passionate pursuit. Dive into the adventure that awaits with Wild Buffalo and turn every street into your playground.


Features and Specifications

Power: 5600W Motor

Unleash the beast within with the Wild Buffalo's formidable 5600W dual motor. This powerhouse delivers unmatched torque and acceleration, ensuring you have all the strength you need to tackle various terrains.

Speed: Fast Speed Capability

Achieve exhilarating top speeds of up to 31 MPH with the Wild Buffalo electric skateboard. Whether you're cruising through city streets or racing down suburban roads, this skateboard is designed to push the limits of speed.

Design: Professional Style and Aesthetic

The Wild Buffalo is not just about performance but also sophistication. Its 38.6-inch longboard, constructed from 2-ply fiberglass, combines strength with flexibility, offering a strong rebound that's ideal for riders who appreciate a little extra bounce. Weighing in at 33 lbs, it's both sturdy and stylish, perfect for those who value aesthetics as much as performance.

Battery: High-Capacity Battery for Extended Riding

Equipped with a high-capacity 1134Wh battery, the Wild Buffalo promises an impressive range of up to 50 miles on a single charge, which only takes 3 hours using a 4.5A charger. This longboard invites you to explore further and ride longer, ensuring your adventures are limited only by your imagination.

Control: Advanced Control System for Smooth Operation

Featuring a FOC sine wave control system, the Wild Buffalo offers refined and responsive control, making every ride smooth and enjoyable, regardless of the speed.

Safety: Built-in Safety Features for Rider Protection

Safety is paramount with the Wild Buffalo. It utilizes RKP trucks for reliable maneuverability and quick turns without sacrificing stability at higher speeds. With a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs and 90mm shockproof polyurethane road wheels, it ensures a secure and comfortable ride.

Additional Features: Standout Elements

The skateboard features electronic regenerative braking, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your ride by converting and storing kinetic energy from braking into battery power.


Speed and Performance

From leisurely rides at 12.5 MPH in low-speed mode to adrenaline-pumping speeds of 40 MPH in brute force mode, the Wild Buffalo adapts to your speed needs with ease. Experience agile performance that stands out in any crowd.

Style and Aesthetics

Crafted from premium carbon fiber composites, the Wild Buffalo not only performs excellently but also looks sleek and modern. Ride with professional style and exude confidence wherever you go.


This electric skateboard transforms commuting into a delightful experience. Skip the traffic and glide through your routes with efficiency and ease.


Choose a greener path with the Wild Buffalo electric skateboard. By riding electric, you contribute to reduced emissions and help pave the way for a cleaner environment.

Fitness and Fun

Combine the benefits of physical activity with the thrill of skateboarding. Electric skateboarding provides a fun way to stay active, promoting overall fitness and well-being.


Target Audience


The Wild Buffalo 5600W is engineered for skateboarding aficionados who demand nothing less than the best. With its top-tier motor and speed capabilities, it's designed to enhance their riding experience and elevate their performance.


For urbanites who want to dodge traffic jams and reduce commuting stress, the Wild Buffalo offers a sleek, efficient alternative. Its long-range capability and robust design make it perfect for daily commutes.


This skateboard appeals to professionals who seek practicality without sacrificing style. Its sophisticated design and durable build ensure it fits seamlessly into a professional lifestyle, making it an ideal choice for getting around while maintaining a polished appearance.

Eco-Conscious Individuals

Eco-minded individuals will appreciate the Wild Buffalo as a green transportation choice. Its electric nature supports a sustainable lifestyle, helping users make an environmentally friendly impact every time they ride.

SoverSky's Marketing and Promotion Strategy

Social Media Campaigns

SoverSky leverages popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to engage with a wide audience. By creating compelling content that highlights the unique features of their electric skateboards, SoverSky fosters interaction and builds a community around their brand.

Influencer Collaborations

SoverSky partners with key influencers within the skateboarding and lifestyle communities. These collaborations involve influencers showcasing the performance and style of the skateboards, thereby reaching their followers and generating interest through authentic content and testimonials.

Online Advertisements

The company employs targeted advertising strategies on websites and forums that cater to skateboarding enthusiasts and eco-conscious commuters. These ads are strategically placed to attract potential customers who are looking for innovative and sustainable transportation solutions.

Product Reviews

SoverSky sends out skateboards to reputable reviewers and influencers for honest reviews. This approach not only helps in building trust among potential buyers but also provides the company with feedback for continuous improvement.

Events and Demonstrations

To directly engage with potential customers and display the practical capabilities of their skateboards, SoverSky organizes events and live demonstrations. These gatherings serve as a platform for people to experience the skateboards firsthand, thereby enhancing product visibility and consumer interest.

Take Your Ride to the Next Level with Wild Buffalo!

The Wild Buffalo 5600W Fast Speed Electric Skateboard represents the pinnacle of high-performance, eco-friendly, and stylish urban transportation. Designed for the discerning skateboard enthusiast, urban commuter, and eco-conscious individual alike, this electric skateboard combines formidable power, exceptional speed, and sleek aesthetics into one dynamic package. With its robust motor, extensive range, and innovative safety features, it promises an unmatched riding experience that's both thrilling and secure. Whether you're navigating city streets or cruising through neighborhood paths, the Wild Buffalo elevates every journey, turning mundane commutes into exciting adventures. Embrace the future of skateboarding with Wild Buffalo and transform the way you move. Unleash your passion, ride with style, and make every street your playground.

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