Why Choose SoverSky Electric Fat Tire Chopper Scooter Citycoco ?

Why Choose SoverSky Electric Fat Tire Chopper Scooter Citycoco ?

Fat Tire Chopper Scooter--Why Choose us ?

Why choose SoverSky Fat Tire Chopper Scooter and Golf Scooter ?
SoverSky Fat tire chopper scooter citycoco are all electric with 2000w/3000w Branded Brushless hub motor . The Max Torque can reach 160N/M ,which give you the feeling of real motorcycle but green and silence .All the Motor from SoverSky have 1 year Warranty since the first moment you bought .The high density of lithium battery supply the long range . We have 60V 20ah / 30ah and 40ah which can get 30-70 miles per charge .The Harley style design make it very unique especially the Fat Tire ,keep you safe even in the wet road . Thanks to the Hydraulic Disc system , the brake distance is short enough to keep you safe .Speed odometer, mileage odometer,battery power display the dashboard make everything very clear .

Where is your warhouse and how long is your handling time
SoverSky Scooter located at Ontario 91710 California , we have the enough stock there .The handling time is only 1 day . For California or near state , the delivery time is 2 days , for other states the delivery time is 4-7 days depending on the carriers .

Why Choose SoverSky Fat Tire Chopper Scooter for Business?
Rental Business located at Tour site or park where the cars are not convenient or not allowed .
Street Store for sale, the harley shape fat tire chopper scooter are very popular for the yong people .


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