Cool And Powerful: Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3

Cool And Powerful: Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3

Harley motorcycles are one of the most wanted birthday gifts for almost every boy in adolescence. But because of various reasons, such as Harley motorcycles are more expensive, heavier, etc., it is difficult for us to get what we want.

But luckily, the Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 from SoverSky is an electric motorcycle that looks exactly like a Harley! It can be a substitute for Harley motorcycles and become your coolest means of transportation!

What Is Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3?

The Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 is one of the best-selling products from SoverSky. Because of its cool appearance and powerful functions, it is liked by many customers and recommended to friends around.

Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 is a stylish and beautiful appearance, the motor has two wheels, with one seat and a steering wheel that could be used to drive. In addition, it is equipped with a powerful engine, so that it can be driven more easily and quickly. When you ride this scooter, you will feel comfortable and excited. 

It is an electric motorcycle with its own character, which is unforgettable at first sight. And it can also meet many of your usage needs, such as the following:

1)It can be used for transportation for short distances:

You can use this Harley-Style Scooter as a means of transportation for short distances. It is convenient and practical, especially when you are in a hurry but want to get somewhere quickly.

2)It can be used for entertainment purposes:

You can also use this scooter for entertainment purposes, such as riding on the beach or other scenic areas. It is a great way to relax after a hard day’s work.

3)It can be used for daily commuting:

You can use this Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 for daily commuting. It is much more convenient than walking or taking public transportation, especially if you live in an urban area.

4)It can be used for recreational activities:

You can also use this scooter for recreational activities, such as riding with friends or family. It is a great way to enjoy yourself and spend quality time with those close to you.

The Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 Has A Super Cool Shape:

The Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 has a super cool shape, and it has a very simple design. It is made of high-quality materials, which are durable and strong enough to withstand wear and tear. The body of the scooter is made of steel, while the wheels are made of aluminum alloy. This means that it is very sturdy, especially when riding on bumpy roads or sidewalks.

The scooter looks like a motorcycle because it comes with a big seat and handlebars. These features make it more comfortable to ride than most other scooters that have small seats and no handles. This makes it easier for people who want to feel like they are driving a real motorcycle instead of just riding around in public places on something that does not look cool at all!

Harley-Style body shape:

The scooter has a Harley-style body, so it looks very cool. The seat and handlebars are big, which makes it more comfortable to ride than most others that have small seats and no handles.


It has a 60V headlight and a turn/brake light. The lights are bright and will help you see in the dark. As soon as the lights are turned on, your electric motorcycle will become the focus of more people's attention.

Cool riding position:

Unlike other electric motorcycles, the Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 has hydraulic shock forks and a fully adjustable rear spring steel shock suspension. Thanks to its lower footrest and higher handlebar height, you'll enjoy a more upright and relaxed riding position on the bike.

Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 Has Super Powerful Functions:

Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 Is a new type of electric scooter with a lot of powerful functions. It has a large power battery and strong power to be able to drive on the road.

Long battery life:

It has a 60V 40AH high-density lithium battery pack. This battery pack can provide 70 miles of city range or a combined stop-and-go range. Of course, these figures vary from person to person. Depending on the terrain and the driver's body and so on. If it runs out of power, you just need to take out its 5A aluminum fast charger, and it only takes 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery.

Shocking acceleration:

The Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 has a 2000W brushless DC geared QS motor, which produces 100% of rated torque instantly. This is why it can provide incredible acceleration while riding. 145 NM of maximum motor torque effortlessly pushes the electric chopper to a top speed of 45 mph.

Safe and smooth driving:

Although the Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 can ride at high speeds, it is also very safe. It adopts 60V 55A integrated controller, which has good power control stability and high current output capability. These attributes make its acceleration and deceleration very smooth. Plus, it automatically powers off if you drop the stand. This can effectively reduce accidents caused by power-on conditions.

How To Decorate Your Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3?

The good looks of the Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 make it the perfect electric motorcycle for many. You can add some decorations to it to make it look cooler. SoverSky is also more than happy to provide you with combinations of these accessories. If you have these needs, you can directly ask their customer service team.

And SoverSky's Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 is available in black or red.

Here are some suggestions for accessorizing your electric scooter MH3:

  • Saddle bag: The saddle bag is a must-have for every Harley-Style Exterior Scooter MH3 owner. This accessory can be used to store your personal belongings such as your mobile phone, wallet, and keys.
  • Handlebar tassels: You can see motorcycles with this decoration in many movies. Makes you look like an eagle soaring in the wind.

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