3000w/4000w Electric Motorcycle Scooter - A Great Way to ride

3000w/4000w Electric Motorcycle Scooter - A Great Way to ride

What does a 3000w/4000w electric motorcycle scooter mean?

An excellent way to get around town is on a 3000w/4000w electric motorcycle scooter. They are incredibly affordable and simple to use. Electric bikes have a promising future with the most current technological advancements. The development of electric motors is one area where there are notable improvements. Electric engines that are significantly more powerful than those found in regular bikes are now readily accessible.

Features of M3P 3000w/30A Lithium Chopper Motorcycle 50 Miles Range:

City range of 50 miles: The 60V 30AH high-density lithium battery pack offers a combined stop-and-go range of 50 miles in cities. The optimum condition is used to test all of the data above. The terrain and rider's weight are factors. The 5A Aluminum fast charger can fully charge the battery in about 4-5 hours.

  • Fantastic powertrain:

 Brushless DC 3000W A geared QS motor can instantaneously provide all its rated torque. It is the cause of the incredible acceleration of the SoverSky Chopper. The electric chopper is propelled to a maximal speed of 35 mph with ease by a motor with a maximum torque of 125 NM.

  • Smooth speed acceleration:

With a 60V 55A integrated controller, good power supply regulation, high current output capabilities, and an electric cut-off function by the kickstand to prevent mishaps brought on by power being on, the three speeds up and down are incredibly smooth.

  • Premium comfort:

The rear spring steel shock suspension and hydraulic shock fork are entirely adjustable. The SoverSky electric scooter riders will appreciate a more upright and relaxing riding position because of the lower foot position and higher handlebar height. In addition, the 12 inch tubeless fat tyre reduces stopping distance and puncture danger.

  • LCD screen with all information:

When the speed, mileage, voltage, and power levels are integrated, you can continuously operate your fat-tired scooter without having to worry about running out of power. We may also identify problems using the codes that appear on the display screen, which facilitates fixing.

Why you should purchase a 3000w/4000w electric motorcycle scooter:

We enjoy our 3000w/4000 electric motorcycle scooter for various reasons.

  • To begin with, it is a fantastic way to get around town. It is quick and efficient, and it can enable you to save money on gasoline.
  • Riding is also a lot of fun. You love exploring the town on your scooter and think it's a great way to meet new people.
  • Third, it respects the environment. Electric scooters are excellent since they don't release any pollutants, making them far better for the environment than scooters powered by gas. Scooting is a great way to make a statement in a crowd.

Characteristics of 4000w Dual Wheel Drive Stand Up Scooter SS Off-Road Tire:

  • Safety comes first:

 All of the SS's components, including the front light, turning light, brake light, and auxiliary light on both sides, are comprised of high-tension steel and aluminium.

  • Innovation is fueled by technology:

 Protection from overcurrent, overcharge, and over-discharge, among other things.

  • Sitting scooter:

 Due to the 60 miles of city range or mixed stop-and-go range that our 60V 20AH high-density lithium battery pack offers, it is essential to install a seat on the scooter to make your travels more pleasant.

  • Double-Wheel Drive:

 The 4000watt Brushless motors on the front and rear wheels may give you a feeling of speed, tremendous acceleration, and excellent torque. You may touch the wind and embrace the natural world at a top speed of 55 mph.

  • Sleeper speed acceleration:

Containing two embedded controllers possess a high current output capacity and robust power supply control stability, which makes the speed change very smooth. It offers two driving modes at your disposal: one-wheel drive and two-wheel drive.

Why is the Soversky 3000w/4000 electric motorcycle scooter the best option?

It's also fantastic for people who live in crowded locations or want to ride outside. People who like riding electric scooters around town or on their daily commute find them fashionable. It is simple to understand why they are enjoyable, inexpensive, and ecologically benign. With an electric scooter, you may travel anywhere, anytime, because of its strong battery. The most excellent part about using an electric scooter is not having to worry about parking or traffic congestion. You are free to travel whenever and anywhere you choose. One of the most well-liked and greatest options for electric scooters nowadays is the Soversky 3000w/4000w electric motorcycle scooter.

Choosing a Soversky 3000w electric fat tyre scooter has the following advantages:

Electric scooters are quite famous and are loved by people who want to ride them around town or on their daily commute. They are fun, affordable, and ecologically friendly. With an electric scooter, thanks to its powerful battery, you can go anywhere at any time. It could benefit people who live in busy areas or wish to bike outside. The best benefit of an electric scooter is that you don't have to worry about traffic or parking spaces. You are free to go wherever you want whenever you want.


A 3000w/4000w electric motorcycle scooter is the most popular electric scooter on the US market. None of the remarkable features that the SoverSky 3000w/4000w boasts are available in any other electric scooter. This comfortable electric scooter has a large amount of battery capacity and power. Its distinctive form offers exceptional stability and comfort. These excellent autos are used by thousands of people every day. Are you looking for a reliable electric scooter? The search is then finished. Our firm specializes in the design, engineering, manufacture, sales, and field service of electric scooters, and we provide you with high-quality products. You may get these items from our website and take advantage of this fantastic promotion. Get yours right away!

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