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Ride Green Ride fun

Ride Green Ride Fun

100 Mi
Maximum Mileage
5-Star Reviews
CO2 Reduction
Core Technology

✮ Lithium Battery Management System which improve efficiency at a high level

✮ With smart controller ,the BMS provide the accurate calculation of battery life and meanwhile,the discharge of electric provide all safety assets to ensure the stability for the battery .

✮ Motor Control Technology.For different models we adopt “Sine Wave”or “Square Wave”to reach the long-term efficiency and stability of scooter

Why Choose SoverSky ?

✮ Due to the plenty of inventory,we can prepare your order within 24 Hrs .

✮ Reasonable Price makes SoverSky More competitive in the Market.

✮ Based on the High Quality Performance,all the feedback are Positive .

✮ Marketing support ,After-sale Service ,Drop shipping Service

✮ Every Year SoverSky will launch new models according to Market needs .

✮ Customer’s satisfaction will always be SoverSky first Aim .

✮ Innovation drive SoverSky bringing More Green energy .