Fast Shipping E-Bike 45KM/H-50KG 750w motor electric bike cargo

Fast Shipping E-Bike 45KM/H-50KG 750w motor electric bike cargo

Ⅰ. 750w Motor Electric Bike Description

The SoverSky Lithium E-BIKE with Sidecar is a new type of 750W electric vehicle. It uses electricity to drive the motor that drives the wheels. The electric bike has two types of power: human power and electric power. Human power is used for climbing hills and riding at high speeds, while electric power is used for normal riding at low speeds.

The E-BIKE uses an energy storage battery to drive its motor, which can be recharged by plugging it into an electrical outlet. The battery is usually placed under the seat or in a box mounted on the frame by the rear wheel. This electric bicycle comes with disc brakes on both front and rear wheels so that you can stop quickly in any condition.

This electric bike has 20-inch wheels and a lightweight frame, which makes it more stable when riding on bumpy roads or steep slopes. It also comes with an LCD display that shows speed, distance, and battery level so you are always aware of how far you have gone and how much charge is left in your battery pack.

Ⅱ. 750w Motor Electric Bike Features

The 750W motor electric bike is the perfect choice for commuting and leisure riding. With a top speed of 45km/h, it can make your ride more enjoyable. Equipped with a 15AH Lithium battery, and the bike can still run up for a long time on a single charge.

This product has superior quality, the appearance is beautiful and elegant, the processing is exquisite, and the performance is reliable and durable.

SoverSky TS-750W Lithium Bike with Sidecar Main Features:

  • Aluminum alloy body shell, lightweight,and high strength.
  • Integrated self-developed high-power motor and controller, low noise, high efficiency.
  • High-capacity lithium battery pack with multi-protection function;
  • Low-speed starting system.
  • Short braking distance due to large braking force and quick response brakes.

Ⅲ. 750w Motor Electric Bike Advantages

1. Convenience:

TS-750W Lithium Bikes are convenient, efficient, and easy to use. Most models have regenerative braking systems that allow riders to recharge the battery while they ride so they don't have to worry about stopping at charging stations along their route. And since electric bikes can reach speeds up to 45 kilometers per hour, they're more than just a mode of transportation — they're also a great way to get some exercise.

2. Quiet And Clean:

These Electric bikes do not emit any pollutants, so they are environmentally friendly. They are also quiet and do not disturb others' rest.

3. Enjoy The Ride:

Riding a 750W motor electric bike is a comfortable experience that you will never forget. It's fun to be able to cruise around town without having to worry about where you're going next or how far you have to go.

4. No Pedaling Required:

You just need to press a button on the handlebar, and the motor will activate automatically when you start riding. The moment you stop pedaling, the motor will automatically stop working as well.

5. High Efficiency And Low Cost: 

Electric bikes are known for being extremely efficient, which means that they require less energy than other types of vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. This means that they can be used without having to worry about high fuel costs or running out of gas while driving down the road. The cost of replacing parts like tires and chains is also lower than with other types of vehicles because there is no need to change them as often as with other bikes.

Ⅳ. Specification Of 750w Motor Electric Bike

  • Frame material: JYL 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • Wheel size: 20 inch
  • Seat height: Approx. 40cm (adjustable)
  • Battery type: 3.0:48V/15ah Premium Battery 
  • Motor type: WJ Brushless Hub Motor with a power of 750W and a maximum speed of 45km/h
  • Charging time: 5 hours

For more detail, please check the TS-750W Lithium Bike with Sidecar website. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact SoverSky. SoverSky could provide customized and professional services to meet all your needs.

Ⅵ. Faq About 750w Motor Electric Bike

Q1: How Much Does It Weigh?

A: 56kg

Q2: Is There Any Difference In The Motor Part?

A: Yes, SoverSky company uses better quality motors than other factories. The motor is more stable and reliable and can be used for a long time.

Q3: Can It Go Up Hills?

A: Of course, the battery and motor will provide you with enough power to get up any hill.

Q4: What Are The Dimensions Of This Electric Bike?

A: The wheel size is 20 inches, and the height is 110cm from ground level. With a weight of 56kg, this bike is easy to lift and carry.

Q5: How Does This Electric Bicycle Work? Is There An On/Off Button?

A: Yes, there is an on/off button at the bottom right of the handlebars so that you can control exactly how fast you want to go. This means that even if you are a beginner or nervous about riding an E-Bike, you can still control your speed in order not to go too fast while learning how to ride one or if you're just not used to riding one yet.


So, as you can see, there are many benefits that you can enjoy from this new 750w motor electric bike. Hope this TS-750W Lithium Bike with Sidecar is your best 750w motor electric bike on a budget while still offering the required safety, power, and speed.

What's more, no longer will you have to wait long periods of time before you are able to ride this TS-750W Lithium Bike with Sidecar again. It has the ability to be charged quickly and the battery is designed to last for an extended period of time.

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