Warranty & Street Legal

The warranty period of SoverSky scooter shall be 12 months as of the date of delivery. In the event of a non-artificial performance failure, customer may file a complaint to SoverSky at support@sl-soversky.com.


The warranty period of the battery pack & motor is 12 months. Other consumable accessories shall not be covered by the warranty service over 3 months.Within the warranty period, We'll offer the free parts but the shipping cost should be on yours.


Note: Please confirm the integrity of the package at the time of signing for acceptance of the goods.




Below key parts of your scooter, will be repaired or replaced (if repair is not possible) during the stated warranty period if you have any of the following manufacturing or design faults under normal use:


Motor faults

Mother Boards or Computer Control faults

Battery faults

Adaptor faults



If you have an issue with your purchased product that is not manufacturing fault, not covered under warranty or after the warranty period, we are happy to help you get it properly fixed for a reasonable cost, or to give you free advice on how to get it fixed.


Also, if you need spare parts for your purchased order that is not covered or outside the warranty period, we are here to avail it for you in the lowest cost.


The following cases are not covered under the manufacturer warranty:


When the warranty period is expired

When the product or any of its components have been opened, altered or modified by someone other than the manufacturer

Wear-and-tear damage of vulnerable components such as wheels, tyres, or battery lifespan

Damage caused by product misuse or abuse like (but not limited to) dropping, collision, jumps, grinding, heavy shaking, abrasion or bad storage

Damage caused by riding in very rough conditions or on a very rough surface

Damage caused by Water. Most of our item have some level of proofing against dust and wet conditions, but they are NOT water-proof.

Damage caused by overloading, over the designed maximum load

Cosmetic damages like (but not limited to) scratches

Battery is not charged for more than 2 weeks .



Whether the problem is covered under warranty or not,  be sure that we are going to help you anyway:


Let us know what is the problem exactly, better with pictures to illustrate. Our experts will carefully diagnose the issue and spot it.

Be aware that it's your responsibility to ship the item to the manufacturer repair centre properly without being damaged during delivery

For warranty issues, please contact: support@sl-soversky.com


Street Legal


All our Fat Tire Scooters come with VIN ,and the VINs have passed by DOT .You can check the information at United State Department of Transportation https://vpic.nhtsa.dot.gov/decoder/

Due to the different regulation at each city ,you need to ask the local DMV to check if you can get plate for the scooter .In another word , we can't promise you can street legal ride our scooter at all American city .