Citycoco Fat Tire 2000w offers a Fresh Approach to Transport facilities

Citycoco Fat Tire 2000w offers a Fresh Approach to Transport facilities

What is understood by a Citycoco fat tire 2000w scooter?

  • With its strong and effective motor, user-friendly design, and fantastic accessories, the Citycoco Fat Tire 2000w scooter offers a distinctive and thrilling way to travel. Anybody wishing to try out a new mode of transportation and enjoy their trips would love the scooter.
  • That is a wonderful way to enjoy the thrill of a joy ride. It is the perfect option for individuals searching for a quick and exciting ride because its 2000-watt motor can travel up to 30 mph.
  • That is the ideal method to travel the city in elegance. Dual suspension, a strong 2000W motor, and a sizable, comfy seat are all included. It can operate on any surface and has a 35-mile range.

What makes SoverSky Fat Tire Scooters more desirable?

Citycoco SoverSky Fat tire scooters are electric, using 2000w branded brushless hub motors. The maximum torque, 160N/M, gives you the impression of riding a genuine motorbike while quiet and green. All of the SoverSky motors come with a one-year warranty from purchase. Lithium batteries provide a long range with high density. The Fat Tire, which keeps you safe even on rainy roads, makes it unique because of the Harley-style look. The brake distance is sufficiently short because the hydraulic disc technology keeps you safe.

Travel in a Novel Manner with Citycoco Fat Tire 2000w:

  • Electric scooters like the Citycoco Fat Tire 2000w provide a distinct and fun travel method. It can readily manoeuvre over all terrains, including bumpy roads and uneven surfaces, thanks to its strong 2000w motor and huge, fat tires.
  • One of its greatest features is that Citycoco Fat Tire 2000w is ecologically friendly. Unlike conventional cars, it does not release toxic gases that contribute to air pollution. Because of this, folks who wish to lessen their carbon impact should choose it.
  • The Citycoco Fat Tire 2000w scootersimplicity of use is another outstanding quality. Everyone may use it easily because of its straightforward and user-friendly design. It also has a supportive seat and a large, simple-to-read display that gives crucial data like speed and battery life.
  • Performance-wise, Citycoco Fat Tire 2000w can travel up to 35 miles on a single charge and attain speeds of up to 30 km/h. As a result, you can go a great distance without worrying about running out of battery.

What features of Citycoco fat tire 2000w scooter?

  • City range of 30 miles:

The 60V 20AH high-density lithium battery pack offers a combined stop-and-go range of 30 miles. The optimum condition is used to test all the data mentioned earlier. The terrain and rider's weight are factors. The battery may be fully charged in only 5-7 hours with a 2A charger.

  • Easy Design:

The Harley-style appearance makes it iconic, and the lack of additional features makes it simple to maintain.

  • Sleeper speed acceleration:

 The three-speed up and down movements are smooth thanks to the integrated 60V 40A controller's high current output capacity and strong power supply management stability.

  • Ultra comfort:

 Full adjustment is available for the front hydraulic shock fork suspension. Moreover, the 8-inch tubeless fat tire reduces stopping distance and puncture danger.

  • LCD screen with all information:

 Incorporate the speedometer, miles, voltage, and power level together, and you can always handle your scooter without worrying about running out of juice. We may also identify problems using the codes on the display screen, which facilitates fixing.

The Citycoco Fat Tire Scooter Will Provide You with an Enjoyable and Sustainable Ride:

  • Are you trying to find a fun and environmentally responsible way to travel or see your city? The Citycoco Fat tyre scooter is the solution. In addition to being ecologically sustainable, this svelte electric scooter is ideal for urban and off-road activities.
  • The Citycoco Fat tyre scooter has a strong 2000W motor capable of 35 km/h speeds (30 mph). Also, it has large tires that offer superb grip and stability in various uneven and slippery conditions. This implies that you may ride your scooter just about any place, whether visiting a neighbouring park or path or cruising through the downtown streets.
  • The Citycoco Fat tyre scooter's eco-friendliness is one of its main benefits. Electric scooters emit no pollutants and have a far lower carbon footprint than gas-powered vehicles. They are, therefore, a great option for those who care about the environment and wish to lessen their influence on the environment. A single charge of the Citycoco Fat tyre scooter gives it a range of up to (35miles), making it very effective. You may go for several hours without worrying about charging your scooter.
  • The Citycoco Fat tyre scooter's simplicity of usage is yet another outstanding quality. Even beginners may easily use the scooter thanks to its straightforward and user-friendly UI. Thumb throttles adjust speed, and the scooter also features a brake lever for quick and simple stopping. A bright headlight and taillight on the Citycoco Fat tyre scooter make it simple to see and be seen when riding.
  • The Citycoco Fat tire 2000w scooteris a head-turner in terms of style. The scooter features a sleek, contemporary appearance and a bold, unique frame that will catch people's attention. Pick the colour that best matches your style because it comes in several hues. Also, the scooter's large tires offer superb grip and a distinctive and striking aesthetic.


Due to its small weight and ease of use, a fat tire scooter provides all the desired features of a commuter scooter. One of the top Citycoco fat tire 2000w scooter available is the SoverSky. Its streamlined appearance, and strong motor make it ideal for commuting or traveling. Our scooter has many features and is built with high-quality materials, so it has everything you could want. The SoverSky scooter is comfy, stable, and includes lifetime support, so you'll adore riding it.

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