how to lock electric Scooter

how to lock electric Scooter

How to lock electric Scooter?

When not in use, your electric Scooter has to be locked. The ideal approach to accomplish this will depend on the sort of Scooter you have and where you want to store it, among a few other options. To protect your Scooter from the weather, you should also get a cover if you hold it somewhere else. 

When it comes to locking an electric scooter, you must first understand that there are two types of locks: 

  • Mechanical: 

Mechanical locks are the most common type of locks used on electric scooters. They are easy to operate and require no batteries or remote controls.

  • Electronic:

Electronic locks are more secure because they require batteries and remote control. However, they are not as convenient as mechanical locks.

Different ways to protect electric Scooters from theft?

When riding an electric scooter, it is essential to secure it properly so it does not fall over or tip over. You may wonder how to lock electric scooter if you own one. They offer convenience and safety concerns when they are not properly locked up. Here are some pointers for locking your electric Scooter safely and securely. 

  • Find a good spot to lock your electric Scooter:

 Select a suitable area. It would help if you looked for a location to lock up your Scooter that won't get in the way or get struck by a vehicle. A lovely spot would be near a fence or bike rack.  

  • Choose the right lock:

Apply a robust lock. You should employ a powerful wave that is challenging to break. A combination lock, a U-lock, or a chain and padlock are all acceptable options. Make sure you have a way to secure yours, so no one steals it. 

Option 1: Ring lock:

These locks are designed specifically for electric scooters. They are easy to install on your vehicle. A ring lock or disc brake lock is fastened to the wheel to immobilize the Scooter. Electric scooters with spooked wheels have very little room for a ring lock. The design is more constricting than the U-lock, yet it might be able to maneuver around the electric Scooter and a pole.

Option 2: U-lock:

Purchase a U-lock that is suitable in size for your Scooter and of good quality. A U-shaped shackle that secures onto a straight crossbar is the essential component of U-locks, which get their name from their design. When it comes to security, they differ significantly. Quality U-locks weigh a lot, usually approximately 2 kg and are constructed of hardened steel. They feature a crossbar and a heavy shackle. However, because they are more secure, you should get a bond that will match your Scooter.

Option 3: Use a scooter chain locks:

An upgrade from a cable lock that functions similarly is a chain lock. The Scooter is fastened to the item using covered chain links rather than a cable. Wire cutters are useless against chain locks, which must be broken with a hacksaw or bolt cutters. Through Sold Secure, several chain locks are given a Silver rating. A safety with a silver rating strikes a balance between affordability and security. Some of the most expensive chain locks earned Gold motorbike or Gold bicycle rankings.

Option 4: Alarm systems:

Alarms are a common feature of locks made for bikes and mopeds, adding an added level of security. These sirens will halt a burglar in their tracks if they generate enough attention. These alarms can be standalone or integrated with the above lock types.

  • Lock it up:

How to lock electric Scooter securely. The lock mentioned above types is best to secure your electric Scooter. To protect electric Scooters from theft, all our best and widely used. 

The best location for locking the electric Scooter:

A great way to keep your personal property safe is to lock up your e-scooter. You must examine your Scooter and locate secure locking places to select the right lock size. Specific locking points are constructed from durable materials or include fasteners that are difficult to remove or break. Larger locks could be needed to fit through bulky scooters and yet be able to reach a fixed position (e.g., pole or bike rack). 

The best places to lock your electric Scooter are:

  • Around the stem, via the folding mechanism.
  • Through the carrying handle, be careful of readily removed screws. 
  • Through the folding mechanism.

You should not utilize some spots, including unbolt-able wheels, handlebars, or detachable or weak points, such as fenders or bolted-on components.

How to Secure an Electric Scooter?

  • Get a lock that will work with your Scooter:

Check your Scooter's locking point to determine the correct size lock you require. You will want a giant wave the more substantial it is. Purchase a lock that will fit your Scooter in addition to the size. Your electric Scooter's attributes will determine the type of lock you require. You should have many locks for your electric Scooter rather than just one.

  • Look for a post or other fixed object on which you may anchor your electric Scooter:

Find a post or permanent structure where you may lock the electric Scooter after buying the lock. Metal fences shouldn't be threaded since they are readily cut. Your options are a steel post, a tall signpost, or a bike rack. Lock it up at night in a well-lit area. Thieves are reluctant to disconnect the cables if the electric Scooter is in a crowded place or a CCTV is there.

  • Place the lock on the Scooter's locking point:

Ensure you know the ideal spots before threading the lock onto the Scooter's locking point. Your Scooter's folding mechanism, the stem, or the carrying handle are some of the most excellent locking locations. The Scooter's wheels, handlebars, fenders, and other bolted-on accessories should not be threaded with the lock. Adding additional security tools like alarms and tracking gadgets would also be preferable.


Electric Scooters have become popular due to their ease of use, affordability, and convenience. Are you looking for how to lock electric Scooter safely? You have come to the right place. Whether you're searching for an electric scooter or want to be more secure when riding one, read the SOVERSKY guide on the best ways to protect your device from theft. We offer premium quality products that meet the customer’s needs. 

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